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Scratchbuilt Dragon Wings
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The final wing, painted but not attached to the creature.
Once the membrane is attached to the wing bone frame and all the glue is dry, prime and paint the wing as normal. I prefer painting the wings before affixing them to the miniature. This makes it a lot easier to paint veins, spots, or whatever other detailing you prefer to add.
ow that the wings are trimmed and in place, flip them over and add a small bead of white glue inside the wing. It might be helpful to use an old but small brush to do this as we only want to get the glue in any gaps between the bones and membrane. Wash the brush out with soapy water while the glue dries and it won't be ruined.

Once this is dry, water down some white glue and coat the membrane entirely with this mixture. This will help reinforce the wing, but it's not a totally necessary step if you've used sturdy paper.

The veins on this wing were achieved with the same techniques as described in the stitching tutorial. The obvious difference is that the veins are long and wispy, following a "lightning bolt" pattern. In this case, I used Vallejo Brown Rose #803 mixed with GW Warlock Purple for the basic vein, then highlighted with a mix of Brown Rose and GW Bleached Bone.

Notice that I used three main bones in my wings. Using more wire, you could create anatomically correct five fingered wings if you prefer. By varying the branches and thickness of the bones, you also could create insect wings. And of course, size is no problem as you can adjust this to make massive dragon wings or tiny gargoyle wings.

While certainly an advanced project due to the steps involved, this is definitely not a difficult project. If you're more comfortable using wings from other kits or miniatures, by all means do so. I can't argue that's faster (just glue them on and paint), but for those who want a specific size or customized style of wing, it's far easier than you think. I hope this tutorial has opened the door to experimentation... and more importantly, hordes of winged things to devastate your opponents.


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