Tutorial: Painting a Space Wolf

Step-by-Step: Painting a Space Wolf
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ontinued base coating on various areas (Codex Grey on the gun and Bestial Brown on the fur). The skull on his head was based with VMC #873 Field Drab, midtones with Field Drab and VMC #986 Deck Tan, and finally with VMC #918 Ivory.
Blocking in the secondary areas.
The armour has taken a large leap forward with the addition of a mix of Shadow Grey and GW Space Wolves Grey highlighting. Upper most highlights are done with pure Space Wolves Grey. This will not be the final highlighting, as it has yet to be appropriately smoothed. At this stage, we can however make some final decisions about whether our overal colour composition is working.
Washed areas to help visualize details.
Much of the unpainted areas have been given a dark brown or dark green-black wash. This is preliminary shading as well as helping me see exactly what these bits are. The marine's hair has been given a Dark Flesh coat, and the gold areas have been given layers of GW Snakebite Leather. The fur has been shaded down with blacks and dark browns and then drybrushed up with a bleached bone shade mixed with white.

After smoothing the highlights, battle damage has been added to the armour and Tamiya Snow added to the base.
The muzzle appears.
The most obvious change at this stage is the attachment of the Space Wolf to the (nearly) finished base. Since we're getting an idea of how the overall composition will appear, we can now work on smaller areas (teeth, hanging wolf tails, assorted equipment pieces, etc). By waiting until this point, we can add splashes of colour as relief or keep tones similar as needed.

As example, notice the change in the muzzle from the previous photo to this one. Keeping it black was too dark, so to tie the overall composition together, we've gone with armour-like colours using the teeth as relief.
Back view.
The back view, showing exaggerated shading done within the folds of the cloak. The cloak was done just as with the wolf fur on the front -- Field Drab, washed down with blacks and browns and highlighted with drybrushes of bleached bone and white.

Notice the battle damage on the backpack slot. This was the first bit of damage I did as a test to see what it'd look like by using an area I knew would not be visible when finished.

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