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"Death did not come with the thunderous gallop of a pale horse nor the wicked song of a blackened scythe hissing through the air. His was a quiet and patient arrival cloaked in the subtle hesitation that turns hopeful tomorrows into regretful yesterdays."

A miniature enthusiast's website created by multiple Golden Demon winner Kep Pump. Here there be tutorials, gallery images (including minis from Reaper, Games Workshop / Citadel, Wizards of the Coast), and a sprinkling of fun diversions such as the zombie name generator. Enjoy your visit!

Amazing! He IS Alive!
Author: Kep
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Obviously, Necrotales has been a little neglected as of late since I've been working so much on my browser game. Muelsfell continues to grow -- just this past weekend saw the release of a brand new magic system. To date, there's only 19 spells live, but more to come.

But enough of that. You didn't come here to ask about my game. You came here to look at miniatures. Hopefully I won't disappoint. Here's an image update, consisting of a slew of Grey Knights and Angels of Redemption:

Hopefully I'll come up from the sea of game code to breathe some life back into Necrotales -- perhaps even finish a tutorial or three -- but for now it's back to the grind!



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