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"Death did not come with the thunderous gallop of a pale horse nor the wicked song of a blackened scythe hissing through the air. His was a quiet and patient arrival cloaked in the subtle hesitation that turns hopeful tomorrows into regretful yesterdays."

A miniature enthusiast's website created by multiple Golden Demon winner Kep Pump. Here there be tutorials, gallery images (including minis from Reaper, Games Workshop / Citadel, Wizards of the Coast), and a sprinkling of fun diversions such as the zombie name generator. Enjoy your visit!

Image Update: Orks, Part II
Author: Kep
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Greets and good holidays!

Lately I've kept my head down in code, but have found time to work in some more of those really great Otherworld Orks as well as a Space Marine Librarian.

I have also photographed a little side project. Sometime next week -- ideally by Monday or Tuesday, but everyone knows how forgetful I am -- I'll turn it into a new tutorial.

Meanwhile, though, it's back to coding and striving to meet my January 1st deadline! With luck, some big news will be making its way through here at the start of 2008.



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