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"Death did not come with the thunderous gallop of a pale horse nor the wicked song of a blackened scythe hissing through the air. His was a quiet and patient arrival cloaked in the subtle hesitation that turns hopeful tomorrows into regretful yesterdays."

A miniature enthusiast's website created by multiple Golden Demon winner Kep Pump. Here there be tutorials, gallery images (including minis from Reaper, Games Workshop / Citadel, Wizards of the Coast), and a sprinkling of fun diversions such as the zombie name generator. Enjoy your visit!

New Tutorial: Painting Orkskin
Author: Kep
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Another two orks have been added to the galleries, completing the entire current run of old school orks available from Otherworld:

I'm eagerly awaiting the next release of these, which has an amazingly cool shaman. Can't wait!

Since I'd been painting so many orks lately in varying skin colours, I decided to squeeze in a tutorial about the process. Hopefully this new Step-by-Step Orkskin tutorial will be useful to folks out there, regardless of whether they're creating an army of Warhammer 40K orks or if they just need some special ork characters for their Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

Any day now, a package from Forgeworld will be arriving with my next commission project, but meanwhile I'm working on yet another carnifex and a couple of critters for the Epic Creations gallery. One is an anaxim, for which I'm scouring the house for an old watch that I can dismantle for the needed cogs and gears.



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