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"Death did not come with the thunderous gallop of a pale horse nor the wicked song of a blackened scythe hissing through the air. His was a quiet and patient arrival cloaked in the subtle hesitation that turns hopeful tomorrows into regretful yesterdays."

A miniature enthusiast's website created by multiple Golden Demon winner Kep Pump. Here there be tutorials, gallery images (including minis from Reaper, Games Workshop / Citadel, Wizards of the Coast), and a sprinkling of fun diversions such as the zombie name generator. Enjoy your visit!

Image Update - Orks and 'Fexes
Author: Kep
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Hi folks!

Another interim update with more images. I'm absolutely in love with the Otherworld series of miniatures, which may not be at all unexpected given my love of the old AD&D Citadel series. They ooze character! To that end, this week's image update is yet another five ORKS!

Well, there's also a pretty cool carnifex in there, too:

Old One Eye is done in my 'blue crab' scheme, but it is in fact a commission piece. I was surprised at how nice the Old One Eye model is (I don't actually have one in my own tyranid swarm). The crab claws in particular are especially nice, and I couldn't help thinking how appropriate it is to paint something with crab claws in the blue crab scheme. Fun stuff, really enjoyed this commission.

Now to see if I can squeeze in a new tutorial between commission work!



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